SONIC DRIVE IN has many fantastic fundraising opportunities for you and your organization!

Please Note: We can only fulfill requests for schools and organization near our 28 Arizona locations.  If you are outside Arizona, please contact your local Sonic.

Sonic Nights

sonic-nightsYour local SONIC DRIVE IN can sponsor a fundraising event where your organization can earn a certain percentage of sales from 5 to 8PM on a predetermined night. This is a great way to bring students, staff and parents together to raise money for your organization.*

• Best Practices for your Sonic Night: Download
• Sonic School Night Letter Template: Download
• Procedures for your Sonic Night: Download
• Sonic Night Agreement form: Download

Please complete and fax to 480.778.0570 or email to

*Please note, Sonic Nights participation requires an organization with at least 200 people.

Sonic Community First Value Cards

SONIC DRIVE IN will donate Sonic Community First Value Cards, loaded with special deals at SONIC, to your school or organization completely FREE (quantity is based on enrollment of your group). Your organization sells the cards for $5 each and keeps 100% of the profits! What a great deal! Each card has a $15 value in savings at SONIC DRIVE IN. For example, SONIC donates 100 Sonic Community First Value Cards to your organization and you sell them for $5 each. Therefore, your organization would be the recipient of $500! This is NO cost to you. Please click here for the Sonic Community First Value Card Agreement form.

Sonic Wave Bottled Water

SONIC has a perfect way to help your organization raise money at your athletic events! SONIC will donate a pre-agreed upon amount of our SONIC Bottled Water free of charge. The school must sell the water at their athletic events for at least $1 per bottle. This water is not for the team’s or participants consumption free of charge, but to sell at the athletic events. Please send your request for this fundraising opportunity in the “Special Request” section of the order form.

Sonic Spin Wheel

Do you have a school carnival or event coming up and would like to raise money? SONIC has the opportunity for you! We have a SONIC Spin Wheel that your organization can borrow. To see what the SONIC Spin Wheel looks like, click on this link. SONIC will donate the wheel, coupons and SONIC products for your event. We recommend that you sell tickets for the wheel and sell 2 spins for $1. This has helped organizations raise over $200 at each event! Please send your request for the wheel using the “special request” section of the order form.

Limeades for Learning

SONIC DRIVE IN proudly supports teachers in local communities through Limeades for Learning, a set of programs dedicated to putting supplies back into classrooms and ultimately helping kids reach their full potential. Learn more at SONIC has partnered with, a non-profit organization, to help public school educators secure classroom resources to enhance student learning. For additional information on this program, please visit